Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose the Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini?

Learn why our Dedham estate planning lawyers differ from the rest!

For over two and a half decades, the Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini has offered Norfolk County residents outstanding estate planning assistance and tools. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service skills, as well as our extensive estate planning experience. Our attorneys spend hours on each client’s case and counsels each client to ensure they are aware of all of their options.

To further guarantee our clients are cared for, we ask every client to visit our office periodically to review their estate plan. This can help prevent certain items going to people/charities a client no longer has any contact with, such as an ex-spouse. We see our clients as people, not as paychecks, which is why we are dedicated to offering them the best estate planning services possible. If you would like to learn more about our firm, please do not hesitate to contact one of our estate planning lawyers.

Serving Norfolk County Since 1987

Our founding attorney, Frederick Pellegrini, established the Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini in 1987.

He is a member of various professional associations, including:

Attorney Pellegrini has also received various honors and awards, such as the National Directory of Who’s Who in Executive and Professionals, The Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry of Business Leaders, the International Who’s Who of Professionals, and he has been featured on the AARP Attorney Referral List for several years. He, along with every other Dedham estate planning attorney at our firm, strives to provide each client with incomparable estate planning services.

We strongly believe in clients establishing trusts, which is why we offer to fund or retitle every client’s assets into appropriate trusts. Nearly all our clients have trusts incorporated in their estate plans so their assets are protected and do not have to go through the probate process.

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Regardless of whether you are a small business owner who wishes to create an estate plan to protect your business or are a husband/wife who wants to establish an estate plan to protect your family, we can help. The Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini has assisted all walks of life create comprehensive, personalized estate plans that meet their wishes and requirements. It is our goal to ensure you and your loved ones are protected in the event you become incapacitated or pass away.

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Offering Estate Planning Guidance Since 1987

They were invaluable in helping me through a difficult time.

“They not only went above and beyond in their efforts to get the job done, but they also treated me like family.”

– Leigh R.

Why Choose Us?
We have been handling complex estate planning and probate cases for over three decades. We pride ourselves in exceptional tailored solutions and genuine interest in our client's peace of mind.

Three Steps for a Tailored & Effective Estate Plan

Initial meeting

The initial meeting with our clients is a foundational meeting. Our purpose at that meeting is to educate the clients and to learn about their family. We also engage in a review of asset composition.

Follow Up Meeting

At the second meeting we draft preliminary documents for the clients and go over each and every document i.e will, power of attorney, health care proxy, revocable trust, real estate trust, etc. The client’s asset composition is reviewed in conjunction with the documents.

Final Meeting

The third meeting is a signing. All of the documents are signed and we again conduct another review of the documents during the signing process. Furthermore all of the clients assets are transferred into the trust at the signing meeting. Signing meeting is also a review of all the issues previously discussed with the client.

We Will Help You Today to Protect Your Legacy Tomorrow

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