Tax Planning

Tax Planning

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How Tax Planning Can Benefit You and Your Loved Ones

Want to ensure your small business doesn’t pay copious amounts of money in taxes? The Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini not only consists of Dedham estate planning attorneys who have more than two and a half decades of experience, but certified public accountants, as well.

We can assist small business owners, individuals, and families with various estate planning practice areas, including tax planning. Due to Massachusetts tax law constantly changing, it is imperative you hire a knowledgeable tax planning lawyer to help you manage your taxes. If you would like to hire one of our Dedham estate planning lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Norfolk County Tax Planning Lawyer

Tax planning is used to determine how you can legally lower your taxes.

For small business owners, paying less in taxes means they can:

Individuals and families who have a successful tax plan can have more money in their pockets and bank accounts. Those who utilize tax planning while creating an estate plan can help ensure their beneficiaries enjoy certain assets without facing monumental estate taxes after they pass away.

Get Guidance From a Legal Team That Focuses Exclusively on Estate Planning

Our Dedham estate planning attorneys can help plan for various types of taxes, including:

Tax Planning Assistance at the Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini

Our estate planning lawyers can also assist clients fund or retitle assets into trusts. This ensures their assets can be protected in the event of a lawsuit, creditors’ claims, and/or in the event that a client becomes incapacitated or passes away.

For comprehensive estate plans and tax planning services, please contact our firm to request a free case consultation!

Get Guidance From a Legal Team That Focuses Exclusively on Estate Planning

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