Common Estate Planning Questions

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Have you been encouraged by loved ones to create an estate plan? Are you unsure of what an estate plan is and how it can help you? Our Dedham estate planning attorneys from the Law Office of Frederick N. Pellegrini created a common questions page to assist potential clients. We understand estate planning can be confusing, which is why we have answered a few frequently asked questions.

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Three Steps for a Tailored & Effective Estate Plan

Initial meeting

The initial meeting with our clients is a foundational meeting. Our purpose at that meeting is to educate the clients and to learn about their family. We also engage in a review of asset composition.

Follow Up Meeting

At the second meeting we draft preliminary documents for the clients and go over each and every document i.e will, power of attorney, health care proxy, revocable trust, real estate trust, etc. The client’s asset composition is reviewed in conjunction with the documents.

Final Meeting

The third meeting is a signing. All of the documents are signed and we again conduct another review of the documents during the signing process. Furthermore all of the clients assets are transferred into the trust at the signing meeting. Signing meeting is also a review of all the issues previously discussed with the client.

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